We feel...


displeased    unsure    despondent    despairing    furious    afraid   affected    ashamed    concerned    dismayed   dispirited   frustrated    helpless    empty    powerless   desperate    full of pain   speechless   sad   impatient

frightened    affected   ashamed    concerned    dismayed     dispirited    frustrated      helpless   empty   powerless    desperate    full of pain   speechless   sad   impatient   displeased   unsure   despondent    despairing   furious       dispirited    frustrated    helpless   empty    powerless    desperate    full of pain   speechless  sad    impatient   displeased   unsure   despondent     despairing    furious    afraid   affected   ashamed   worried    dismayed   

...and yet are not willing to give up hope for a dignified and righteous peace between our people.

Members of the Jewish-Palestinian discussion group in Basel area


neue e-mail-Adresse / new e-mail-address: info@isra-pal-peace.ch


thanks to Joachim Kleczewski and his friends for the translation of this page!